Rating of the best online casinos 2022

Only the casino rating 2022 will allow you to choose the best club for yourself. Experts have collected the TOP 10 establishments where you can not only play with pleasure, but also hit the jackpot.

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Where big money is spinning, there are always those who want to get it illegally. Among gambling establishments on the Internet, bad rumors are already erroneously circulating. Plus, low-quality, and sometimes frankly fraudulent portals add negative colors. It is for these purposes that a casino rating is created.

Why do we need online casino ratings?

The casino rating is a list or TOP 10 of the best establishments, which are not only verified by experts and real players, but also ranked according to their positions based on their verification criteria.

The casino rating is necessary not only for beginners who may make a mistake when choosing, but also for professionals who do not want to spend their time testing each institution. Dozens of new gambling clubs open every year, but only a few of them are truly worthy of taking a place in the TOP 10. Such portals are distinguished by a high level of quality, bonus programs, a variety of withdrawals, etc.

Having a list of the TOP 10 best clubs at hand, you can not waste time searching, but spend it on excitement and betting on money. Yes, it’s for money, because don’t fool yourself, and the demo mode is not able to provide that taste of victory when there are not virtual loans on the account, but real funds that can be withdrawn to your card or electronic wallet at any time. Naturally, this will require registration at the casino, but often it does not take more than 2 minutes.

Which club cannot get into the top 10 online casino rating?

TOP 10 casinos are compiled very scrupulously, so getting into the rating of fraudulent establishments or one-day sites is out of the question! There are several mandatory points, in the presence of which, the operator will never enter the TOP 10:

• unclosed conflict situations with players;

• lack of certificates from slot providers;

• impossibility to check the license from the regulator;

• absence of a legal address (head office);

• evasive technical support responses to requests for documents.

Registering at a casino is a responsible step. It is important to take this first step in the right direction. Otherwise (as it often happens), beginners lose their money in fraudulent clubs, after which they make an unambiguous conclusion about the entire gambling industry. To prevent this from happening, a rating from experts or even just from professional gamblers is simply necessary.

How is the honesty of an online casino assessed?

The casino rating is compiled according to several important factors. Real money is at stake, so it’s important to take the evaluation process as seriously as possible. Just registering at the casino will not give completeness of information until the player replenishes the account. Only in this case all sections will be available to him.

An honest rating includes the following nuances:

1. License. Even a license from Curacao (the most common and cheap and available) already guarantees the protection of their rights in the event of a conflict. The most famous licenses are considered in Europe and the UK.

2. Providers. Only certified entertainment providers that work within the framework of the RNG algorithm (random number generator) should be presented on the site.

3. Payment systems. Money should be sent only through proven and reliable systems, without any hidden fees or pitfalls.

4. International checks. The more international regulators and laboratories will control the activities of the club, the better.

5. Ludomania. Self-respecting establishments must provide assistance to combat gambling addiction.

6. Registration at the casino. The process of registration and subsequent verification should be extremely simple and understandable.

7. Reviews from players. There is nothing better than to visit several thematic forums or messenger channels before making a rating. The gambler community is quite friendly, so gamblers always share their opinion about this or that institution.

8. Support service. The TOP 10 includes only those clubs that really have a competent support service that provides useful information.

9. Bonus program. It is important to look not at the size of the bonus, but at the conditions of its wagering. What’s the point of a big bonus if only every hundredth can win it back?

10. Mobile version. The modern world dictates its own rules, so portals without the ability to adapt the site to mobile devices are not even considered.

Here is the very TOP 10 criteria that must be taken into account when choosing a gambling establishment. This does not mean that other clubs that are not included in the casino rating are not worthy to exist. Registration at the casino is very important, because there will be no second chance to register, so you need to choose the best of the best.

Which casino can be trusted with money?

Almost all establishments allow you to quench your thirst for excitement in a free (demo) game. But betting on real money implies the possibility of real winnings. Of course, you should not forget about the risks of losing, but this is what stimulates excitement. The above criteria for selecting the TOP 10 casinos are not final or binding. Some new establishments from well-known and proven owners also deserve attention.

The best option when choosing a gambling club is the help of specialists who independently checked each site and provided this data to the public for free. Trust in an institution is a very important point, therefore, truly responsible institutions always try to provide maximum comfort and convenience to each player.

You must always follow the rules of the institution. Often, the reasons for blocking an account or freezing funds on it are provoked by the clients themselves. Almost 99% do not pay attention to the terms of the agreement and the rules offered by the clubs, and in vain. For example, registration at a casino is available only once for one person with 1 IP, etc., but many people, without knowing this, create several accounts, which are subsequently blocked by the site’s security service. And there are many such examples. Naturally, it will not be possible to receive your won money due to violation of the rules.

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